MACO (渋江真)
Cut ¥5,610

My name is [ MACO ]. I can speak English.
I can communicate in English. My specialties are; bob style for a regular hair cut, soft curl on the tip for hair curls, and high toned color for hair color.
I've visited almost all countries in the world and I have friends all over the world. All humans are brothers and sisters! I live everyday with the motto of "human love". I am ready to take any questions or concerns.

☆セミナー / イベント / 外部講師☆

2014~2019ハサミのちからOKINAWAステージ / STAR Wood BeB へショージテージ出演 / ビューティーモード学園外部講師 / 2014~2019アリミノストレートパーマ外部講師 etc ・・・